Why Pathwire?

Words are powerful. Now your emails are too.

Pathwire empowers you to take back control of the way you connect. We’re laser focused on all the variables impacting your ability to reach customers so you can focus on what matters.

That’s why over 100,000 paying customers have chosen Pathwire to help them build great apps and email programs.

Over 100,000 paying customers are building great apps and email programs with Pathwire


We're wired differently

Pathwire doesn’t believe in shiny objects. We believe in what works. We believe that email is complicated, and we find ways to make it less so. We don’t shy away from hard problems. We lean into them. And at the end of the day, we believe our solutions speak for themselves.


The world's most reliable infrastructure

We pair powerful infrastructure with reliable humans to help you get more emails delivered so you can spend your time on other things. Our infrastructure is built to scale, sending over 240 billion emails every year with 99.99% uptime.

Smarter solutions based on machine learning

We’re perpetual innovators and technologists at heart. Our machine learning algorithms quietly work in the background, boosting your open and click conversions and helping you drive smart results.

Localized expertise around the world

With a global team of email deliverability experts, we maintain strong relationships with local ISPs worldwide. We not only speak your language, we’re in your region, and we understand the data privacy and security requirements unique to where you are and where your customers are.

Industry-leading support you can rely on

We know email, and we love to help our customers. With a 95% customer satisfaction score, our legendary support team is there when you need it – 24/7. You don’t have to go it alone. We have a thriving community to back you up.

Why email works

The power of connection

The humble email is used for password resets, flight itinerary changes, order confirmations, community newsletters, and emergency notifications.

Email attracts, engages, notifies, and galvanizes recipients around the world. Email connects us. And it’s the most relied upon form of communication because it works.

But it only works if you’re reaching your intended destination. We created Pathwire to ensure nothing stands between your business and your customers. We help you contend with spam traps, filters, regulations, and crowded inboxes, so you can connect with customers in meaningful ways.


"Mailgun is pretty easy, it works and it’s affordable. It allows us to focus on business goals. Mailgun works when our client is really small and it scales to fit them when they become really large."

Nick Frandsen

Co-Founder and Managing Partner


What we offer

Build, send, and win with Pathwire

Everyone in your organization – Product, Engineering, IT, and Marketing – can create better user experiences with email.


It just works

No more calls at 3 AM saying something’s broken. Pathwire’s platform scales effortlessly, handling over 1B emails a day without fail, so you can send with peace of mind.

Painless integration

Integrate email into your app with our API for seamless transactional email sends triggered by user actions. Or choose from dozens of integrations with popular third-party apps.

Emails that convert

Generate templates and build targeted campaigns with ease. You can even send your message at the exact time your subscribers are checking their email for better ROI.

It's never been easier to build connected experiences. Start sending with Pathwire today.Powerful infrastructure meets reliable humans